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We connect startups and SMEs in Africa with vetted top quality digital marketing experts that will grow their business in a fast and cost-effective way


Register to tell us more about your business, your goals and expectations.  And we'll arrange 30 minutes free non-obligatory strategy session with you immediately. We'll tell you where and how you can double your growth.



Get matched with top-rated digital marketing experts in minutes. From content to social media to email marketing and data, we'll connect you with experts that will start work immediately.


We’ll accept your payment into a secured escrow account. Your money is not released to the expert until your job is completed and you're happy. We'll ensure you have 100% satisfaction-based money back guarantee. 




We only work with top quality digital marketers. This enable us to guarantee you the best service which will allow you to focus on your business. More so, we'll help manage the process from start to finish.


Rather than going through endless lists of freelancers and agencies to do your digital marketing projects and tasks, we've done the heavy lifting for you. We'll connect you to exclusive network of top-rated digital marketers who can get started immediately. And the best thing is that, we've pre-negotiated the price so that it's affordable for startups and SMEs.



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Mimi Ade-Odiachi

CEO Omar Gardens Floral Company

"WedoGrowth guys moved rapidly from the get-go, helping us to pinpoint our most important metrics and building a system to measure them going forward. In no time, we were able to get some amazing insights from their work and decide on a plan of action to improve our retention efforts around these findings."

Dele Akinyemi

CEO, Cafe Neo Group

"Wedogrowth really helped us at Omar Gardens to understand our growth cycle and how it works, consequently we have been able to grow our database and our client base more efficiently than other options we had used in the past"

WedoGrowth takes the time and headache out of acquiring and retaining your customers online

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What can our experts do for you?

Design is key to conversion. When someone visits your website or mobile app for the first time, you have less than seconds to convince about your offering. That’s all you’ve got. If your design is bad, they’ll leave. If it’s great, they’ll stay. Get immediate access to top product designers to work on your next mobile app, website or logo.

We are not a digital marketing agency. We understand how to use technology to grow customer base from zero to thousands of users within few weeks. And we have access to an exclusive network of vetted, top quality digital growth marketers who can do same for you, now. 

You can have access to our network experienced startup and SME growth consultants for specific tasks you need to get done within a short time. Our experts can help with business planning and development, financial modelling, market research, operational improvement, hiring, product development, etc


Every day millions people hop on the internet to search a problem they’re trying to solve, or a product they want to buy. Our experts have extensive experience and growth tactics that can put your business in front of those audience within minutes.

Successful businesses are always at the forefront of creating relevant contents that is shaping the way consumers think about and engage with them. From email newsletter to blogging to product description and website copy, our experts will provide you with engaging content that will drive new sales and retain your existing customers.

Social Media


Social media marketing requires knowledge, experience and creativity to work right. It is more than just posting an update or tweeting. We’ll connect you with experts who can handle your social media up to 7 days a week, and grow your brand presence online.

Online advertising is one of the ways to burn cash if you don’t understand the maths behind your unit economics. Get connected to experts who can manage your adwords, facebook, instagram, twitter and LinkedIn at a profitable scale.

Data Analytics

Growth Consultant on Demand 

Without data your business is running blind. Understanding your data is very critical for your business growth. Our data geeks will analyse your data to uncover what has happened in your business, the growth metrics you should focus on and what you should do next.


Search Engine Marketing

Hiring a wedogrowth expert is the most cost-effective way to speed up your business growth. Our pricing is flexible and reflects that we work with start-ups and SMEs in Africa.

Starting from $100 per month, you can hire an expert to immediately start working on your weekly newsletter, weekly blog posts or grow your social media audience.

We work with experts from the US, UK and across Africa who are passionate about helping African entrepreneurs build high growth businesses using technology.


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"A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth."

We only accepts top quality digital growth marketers, software engineers, designers and growth hackers who can work with our clients on a consistent basis. We’ve developed a rigorous screening process to identify the best people. If you are a problem solver with keen ability to deliver quality projects on time, and passionate about high growth businesses in Africa - we want to hear from you.

+234 908 4859 418 (NIGERIA)

Growth is the most essential part of any business venture. No matter how big a business is, without growth it will be disrupted to death.

Whilst growth metric varies from one company to another, however the most commonly used metric is the rate and the costs of acquiring and retaining customers.

WedoGrowth connects SMEs and Startups in Africa with proven, hand-curated digital marketing services from vetted top experts and growth hackers

Starta is making it easier to build, discover and track high growth business opportunities in Africa. We believe that billion dollar companies will emerge out of Africa built by Africans. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs that will make this happen. Sign up to join.




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